Meet Ashley Hicks, Founder of PINC Ministries


In 2003, Ashley Hicks felt compelled to answer the call on her life to be a mentor and speaker to girls about sexual purity.  After much prayer and deliberation, God breathed the concept and message of PINC into Ashley’s heart and she began the journey of PINC Ministries.  Since then, she has traveled all over the country speaking to thousands of girls about purity, modesty, dating, and finding your identity in Christ.  She is now considered one of the most popular speakers for girls on the topic of purity and a specialist for teen girl issues.

After ten years, Ashley is still just as passionate about reaching as many girls as she can in her lifetime with the message of PINC.  Over the years, PINC has evolved and expanded with the addition of ‘Club PINC’- an event created specifically for elementary age girls and their moms, ‘Relentless’- a co-ed youth event with Ashley and her husband, Dr. Kory Hicks, and women’s events.  In 2011, Ashley released “THINK PINC” a six week bible study series for teen girls based on the original message of PINC Ministries. Ashley hopes that this bible study will allow schools and churches to have PINC groups and Bible studies so that more girls will understand that only through Jesus Christ is our identity complete.

Ashley has a Bachelor’s and a Masters Degree in Counseling. She has also had the privilege of writing for numerous Lifeway youth resources and has appeared as a guest on several Christian talk shows. She and her husband Kory are happily married and live in Texas with their daughter Addy Grace.  Ashley loves to cook, shop, read, run, and most of all… play with her little girl.