Event Options

PINC Conference

The PINC Conference is a fantastic event for your girls based on the original message of Purity and Identity in Christ.  This can be either a Friday/Saturday or Saturday only event.  Ashley will present 3-4 messages over the course of the weekend, along with the option for the Yes & No Fashion Show!  This is our most popular event!


Club PINC, designed especially for 4th through 6th grade girls, includes an age-appropriate message on Purity and Finding Your Identity in Christ, fashion show, and other fun girly stuff! Club PINC  is approximately a 3 hour program and can be presented on a Friday OR Saturday evening -or- Saturday morning.

Guest Speaker

Ashley would love to speak at your event!  She will work with you to create a perfect fit for what you already have planned as your keynote speaker.  This is an option for all ages of girls, women and also co-ed teen events.

School Assemblies

When you schedule Ashley to speak at your event, we would love to work with you to reach out to your local schools and try to schedule Ashley to speak at school assemblies.

Women’s Event Speaker

Ashley is a unique and powerful speaker for women’s events. She has counseled teen girls day in and day out for several years in her role as counselor at a large Christian school. Girls have poured their hearts out to her about everything from low self-esteem and body image to self-hate, cutting, sex, pregnancy, parents, etc., etc. Whether a woman is single or has daughters, sons, or no children at all, every woman can positively influence teens and pre-teens around her. Ashley gives women a rare and raw look into the lives of teen girls and encourages every woman to be a powerful and positive influence to the girls around her.

Relentless Co-Ed Youth Event

Ashley and her husband Kory make a dynamic (and adorable) team and bring a powerful message of being ‘Relentless’ in your pursuit of purity to your co-ed youth event.  Both Kory and Ashley will address the whole group, as well as breakout sessions for boys and girls only.

Event Promotion

Ashley will be happy to do radio interviews to help promote your event (this can be done before she comes to your town via telephone), as well as television interviews (schedule permitting).

Maximize the Ministry!

When scheduling Ashley to come to your town for any type of event, consider “maximizing the ministry” with multiple bookings. Churches tell us that a ‘combo’ can help with their budgeting since they are able to use funds from more than one budget (i.e., women’s ministry + student ministry -or- student ministry + children’s ministry). We will be glad to talk with you about a discount for multiple bookings when scheduling a ‘combo.’ Consider the following:

Thursday evening women’s banquet


Friday / Saturday Two-Day PINC Conference

One-Day PINC Conference on Saturday for teens


Friday evening “Club PINC” event for pre-teens

Saturday PINC Conference


Sunday morning message to congregation


“Club PINC” Sunday luncheon with pre-teens and moms

Thursday evening women’s banquet


Club PINC on Friday evening for pre-teens


Saturday PINC Conference for teens

Talk with us about ideas to “Maximize the Ministry” while Ashley is at your church! 1.800.782.2995